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rendering-home-2About Us

We produce impeccably renovated houses to customers who want to add value to their homes or wish to just live comfortably under their immaculately renovated homes for a long time. We also do a large amount of work for builders directly.

We transform buildings

Transforming the drab and mundane exterior of buildings into elegant and vibrant finishes that exude an ambiance of beauty and style is our trade.  Our work attracts maximum appeal and adds value to any home we work on in quick time and at the least cost.

We satisfy no matter what

We are so competent and professionally versatile in doing our work we can do whatever you have in store for us. If you want to build a dream home, add an extension to your existing one or just contemplating a revitalized external finish to your house, we’re always at the ready with tons of professional expertise and experience to put at your disposal.

Rejuvenation and restoration are our specialty areas

We take pride in the impeccable quality of the work we do whether we undertake a small or large project. We can transform house facades with our unique and expert use of cement renders, paints, wall panels, coatings, landscaping, tiling, balustrade renovation, roof restorations and more. You name it we’ve got it all prepared and ready for your benefit.

Innovative and inspirational

We will bring you fresh new ideas on using cement rendering for creating new designs, styles and finishes. You’ll be so amazed with the range of ideas and finishes we can bring to your home, you’ll be grateful you chose us to build or renovate you house. We will introduce a finish to your house that will not only blend in with your surroundings but will also reflect the very  taste and style and comfort you now enjoy.

Contact us

We are the best when it comes to cement rendering you home and you need to do is ring us now and your house is as good as renovated.

Areas we serve!


Areas we serve

Abbotsbury http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-abbotsbury/ Abbotsford http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-abbotsford/ Acacia Gardens http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-acacia-gardens/ Agnes Banks http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-agnes-banks/ Airds http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-airds/ Alexandria http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-alexandria/ Alfords Point http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-alfords-point/ Allambie Heights http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-allambie-heights/ Allawah http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-allawah/ Ambarvale http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-ambarvale/ Annandale http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-annandale/ Annangrove http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-annangrove/ Arcadia http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-arcadia/ Arncliffe http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-arncliffe/ Arndell Park http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-arndell-park/ Artarmon http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-artarmon/ Ashbury http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-ashbury/ Ashcroft http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-ashcroft/ Ashfield http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-ashfield/ Asquith http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-asquith/ Auburn http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-auburn/ Austinmer http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-austinmer/ Austral http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-austral/ Avalon http://www.smarterrendering.com.au/render-avalon/ Badgerys Creek […]