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Perfect Investment Assets

From bitter experience, we have been confronted with really disappointing scenes of apartments and hotels literally coming apart at the seams due to very poor workmanship, especially the use of unsuitable material. At Smarter Render in Sydney, we have seen investing owners of brand new apartment blocks and townhouses becoming extremely upset at the state of their new buildings a year or two after they were constructed. They may also be at fault perhaps for not having followed the construction work closely enough, but the full force of the blame rests on the contractor.

Bad workmanship and cheap materials

Whether we like or not, some contractors fall far below the standards of their construction trade by producing less than satisfactory outcomes. In our work as professional builders and renders, a professionally built apartment block or townhouse will remain strong for between 10 to 20 years after construction. Badly constructed buildings like our apartment blocks and townhouses start falling apart within just 12 to 24 months. Now that’s one of the most heart rending experiences that any real estate owner and renter can be asked to put up with. We will certainly not ask it of you.

The professionals to the rescue

Perhaps lousy contractors will not think twice about executing a poor job but at Smarter Render, we take our work very seriously and we are always determined to keep the good reputation of our company untarnished. News travels fast and we know the dangers of a job not done according to recognized standards.  Some contractors may not think about the suffering they can cause to people who own houses and buildings who have invested large amounts of capital into building their dream apartment blocks, townhouses or motels. They might not think as far down as the children of these business enterprises. At Smarter Render, we do and that’s the difference.

No task is too bigrender

This is our unspoken motto that we keep to ourselves and every time we take on a big job, we grit out teeth and go all the way to satisfy our customers. Yes, it is good to be doing a job; it is good to get paid for it, but it is infinitely best to do a really good job and that the customer is fully and totally satisfied with the results. Our rendering projects are standing better and longer than the stricken buildings we started working on years ago. We are not hyping but just sharing the truth about the quality of work we have done on walls, terraces, balconies, balustrades and even roofs to the full satisfaction of our customer.

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