Commercial Rendering

An Elegant Façade Says Plenty

When you walk down a business area or district, you often notice that each business building has an extraordinary looking front. The main idea behind this exposure is that it is the first place people look at when they are passing by so they know what the business is offering. If they are interested in the items advertised out front, they will go in; if not they will pass on by. At Smarter Render, we know the routine and when we are given a job to do in a busy business area, we really give it the works.

Customer opinion matters

The idea behind having a business premise is to get as many people as possible to enter and make purchases from your shelves, your racks or fridges. If you your business shows a clumsy, drab and old looking frontage, not many people are going to enter and buy, even you have attractive products to offer customers. One look and they will form an opinion of the whole venture because how can a drab looking business hand out enticing high quality products! The normal response to a poor looking façade: No thanks. And you’ll find your potential customer disappear in the crowd.

Customers often act in unison

What you really need to be careful of is the way customers react to an unpleasant sight. Generally speaking, customers will often agree about what they see and how they should react to it. They will always notice either a really attractive and enticing façade which they will enter immediately upon arriving, or they will notice a drab and dilapidated looking façade to which they will turn their noses up at and gladly leave it for fear of being under the disapproving glare of other customers. Worse still is that when they get home and meet their friends, they will reveal all.

The perfect solution

Go with the flow and look as attractive or even more magnetizing as your competitor who may happen to be just next door. They won’t mind and in fact they will give you nods of intense approval that you have left your old ways in the gutters and have joined the parade. Customers will stand, look and give nods of approval at the appearance of your newly constructed façade and they will immediately enter and start buying. You’re in with the crowd and so are they in amongst your merchandise snapping buy after buy.

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