Community Halls

Neglect of Community Buildings

Over time, at Smarter Render in Sydney, we have come across some very serious situations in connection with very large buildings like town halls and even theatres, going to ruin simply because of neglect. Town halls are very important structures in many towns because it is here that meetings are convened for town leaders to make their decision on behalf of the whole township. These big buildings are usually ignored perhaps because of their size or costs of renovating work. There is no excuse for neglecting these buildings and the longer they remain neglected the more serious their fate becomes.

Unwanted intrusions

Neglected buildings are haunts not of ghosts but real people who can do a lot of damage to such buildings. Thieves who have no permanent abode, poor folk, vagabonds and alcoholics may decide to make a neglected building their place of repose and bliss. This would not be healthy for the community and everything should be done to provide a solution. At Smarter Render, we have that solution and it has to do with renovating and renewing the whole structure involved. We have the resources the skills and commitment to tackle such a huge job and we will emerge the winners.

The fate of community buildings

Neglected community buildings suffer from a variety of structural ailments. Because they are neglected these buildings sadly suffer the fate of becoming canvases for uncaring graffiti artists who deface whole sections with their crude artistic displays. Because of neglect, the floors will be subjected to grit and dirt that give rise to a dirty and slippery surface. The exterior facades succumb to the full effects of the elements and gradually deteriorate over time. All these and more hidden damage may be lurking in the roof and ceilings without being spotted.

The ideal solution for the problem

Your council definitely needs a competent and highly skilled entity like Smarter Render that has the skilled manpower, the material resources and the needed commitment to take one the massive task of renewing and revitalizing the whole structure. It will not be an easy task but with our renowned renovating skills and the resources at our disposal, the task will not be a daunting one. We have extremely skilled employees, the materials that we use like cement, sand, lime and acrylic solutions re all first class and the perfect materials for a job this size. To us, size is not a threat but a challenge and we have dealt with many of them in the past. We can and we will do it.

Contact us

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