Decorative Premium Finishes

Spectacular High-End Rendering

There will always be customers with different tastes and preferences and these in turn are controlled by the amount of wealth they are willing to spend. At Smarter Render, we are well prepared to undertake any task for customers that need our services whether they are low or high-end customers. We are fully qualified and equipped to deal with specially built homes, boutique apartments, museums, hotels and even 5-Star Resorts! We have so much in store for you and your guests you will be speechless when you see our completed job.

Premium finishes are Expensive but totally worthwhile

Our array of different materials for high-end buildings, are superb but they do cost more than our ordinary rendering finishes for ordinary homes and buildings. But if you want your home to look the best for whatever important reason you have in mind, the higher cost shouldn’t deter you from ordering and using our high-end materials in just one room of your house. We assure you the experiment will be worth your while and your house will be given a sensational look. Of course your house would look much better if all the rooms are treated in the same way but we leave that decision to you.

Specialized application to surfaces.

What makes our decorative and premium finishes cost more is because the application techniques, the knowledge and skills required, is more specialized than the application of our ordinary cement rendering methods. Once applied, their appearance and texture offer an extremely sensual feel when touched and even the appearance itself incites a true taste of the exotic. The colours that we use are really enticing and one look will tell the viewer that here is an expensive but very worthwhile commitment to make. We assure you it would indeed be to your total advantage if you opt for it.

Impeccable materials with superb finish

The materials that we use to produce such exquisite textures and surfaces are composed of none other than natural harmless lime and plasters that have a clay base.  We also use paints and washes on various types of walls, floors and ceiling surfaces. The transformation that slowly evolves to mundane surfaces after the application of these materials is absolutely astounding but you have to really see it to believe it.  The standard and calibre of surfaces that we can produce is really something for you to witness. We can also produce a whole range of finishes to all types of surfaces including marble, limestone, sandstone and even wood.

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