Facade Upgrades


Everything Becomes Old and Dilapidated – Rendering can fix it!

We all like to believe that man-made buildings can survive forever but the grim reality is that they simply don’t. True we have found remnants of buildings still standing from the days of old, but of course, they are a far cry from the condition they were in when they were first conjured up and realized. Yes, with time comes decay and what was once thought as something grand gradually degenerates into a fraction of what it was before. At Smarter Render, we realize this and it may be why man thought about introducing cement rendering for renovating worn out surfaces.

Life energy and value combined

Rendering worn out surfaces from the incessant assaults of nature is an on-going process that requires dedication and skill to make it work. When the surface of your walls succumb to cracks, paint peel and general defacement, there’s nothing to do but to revitalize and rejuvenate the whole affected area so it becomes alive and full of energy once again. At the end of the renovating process you add another quality – value to your home. At Smarter Render we know that this is not an easy thing to do but as always we are confident in our own skills and capabilities.

Facades are always the target

Façade upgrading is an intricate undertaking that requires many types of skills. In addition to the actual cement rendering work, the rendering team must possess a lot of artistic skills that can help create intricate and attractive designs for presenting an excellent appearance to viewers. Facades are the most viewed section of any building and utmost care must be exercised in order to produce a first class view. The most important thing about a façade is that it reflects the inner mood and taste of the owners and can do much either to boost their popularity or to drown them in a lot of recrimination and dissatisfaction.

The latest design software

If a lot more designing work is required for a particular job, the skills of our professional employees are augmented by the use of the latest design software to produce a myriad of design modules that we can use. We can create a model of what your home or business façade can look like before the actual work starts and you are free to choose or introduce your own design patterns to different parts of your façade. Additions such as awnings, shutters and privacy screens, landscaping and colour schemes, right up to roofing upgrades are all within the range of services that we provide.

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