Recalls from the Past

The importance of what past generations did and accomplished during their brief sojourn in our world can never be denied. The most poignant reminders of their achievements are engraved in the very structures they built. No matter what these buildings look like and what they represent, it behooves us to keep them well preserved and safe from natural as well as human degradations of every kind. At Smarter Render in Sydney, we recognize that what our forbearers built and left as their legacy for us to view and enjoy is precious and we should keep them in perfect condition.

The effects of the elements

Needless to say most of these relics of the past, if not all, are located outside and are of course susceptible to the full influence of natural forces. The patter of rain and its free flow along roof tops and down the sides of these precious buildings can cause a variety of damages. It can wear away the top coating and expose the underlying surface to falling and erosive flowing action of rain, the alternative freeze and thawing of snow and the very real impact of falling hail. The roof will be the first casualty and our expertise in working with masonry is all that we need to remedy the effects.

Graffiti and physical damages

If these natural icons are not looked after properly they will inevitably succumb to vandalism and defacement by graffiti and other physical damages. Whole fence sections have been known to go missing, pieces of exterior and interior masonry have crumbled and ceilings have tumbled down from the rafters above. All sorts of unexpected damage can occur to these old and delicate buildings. To make matters worse, these buildings all come under the jurisdiction of local councils and it can be difficult to convince them that these buildings need proper maintenance and care.

We have the solution

To deal with the renovation and renewal of large buildings like a town hall will be a daunting undertaking for anyone but at Smarter Render, we consider such work as befitting our expertise and resource capabilities. We are true professionals when it comes to restoring surfaces that are made of materials like stone, ceramics, masonry, metals, paints, cement-based materials, synthetic resin and polymers. No damage sustained by these types of surfaces can challenge us and win. Our capabilities and expertise are so honed and so specialized we can triumph over them with ease. We’ve done it through more than 20 years of rendering and we can keep on succeeding.

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