Interior Finishes

The Interior Space of your House

In most of our previous discussions on rendering work, we have delved mainly into the exterior renovation work we do for our customers. It doesn’t end there for our work also covers the interior space of your home. There is no doubt that the interior part of your house is a sanctuary to yourself and your loved ones and it deserves the very best attention you can give it. At Smarter Render we also believe that this should be the case and when asked, we also give it the best that we have. We do this to all the houses that we renovate with our cement rendering expertise.

A place of joy and togetherness

There is no other more congenial space in our house than the interior parts. It is the very place where you and your family members spend time together, it is where you relax, where you think quietly and form ideas for them. It is a place where you are able to love, laugh and entertain freely from the scrutiny of the world beyond your walls. Because it is used to give you a sense of joy, happiness and satisfaction, it follows that it must be given the kind of attention it needs to be fully functional in every respect. Its appearance must be bolstered to the full so you, family and guests can enjoy its elegant and ambient décor.

A variety of themes

Nothing can be more drab, ordinary and boring than to have all the rooms looking the same. Be innovative and creative.  Introduce different themes for each room so that each one will exude a different mood and taste. Apply special treatment to your walls by using our smooth rendering technique that has the feel and touch of glass. Apply our very special cement rendering technique that will render the interior of you house impressive to the beholder. Use our proven renovation techniques to impart a true feeling of sophistication and a premium refined look. Give the interior of your home the best treatment it deserves.

The way to go

There’s no better way of doing things than going for the best rendering provider. Out team at Smarter Render are fully qualified to provide you with the best advice for achieving excellent finishes and exciting colour schemes for the interior of your home. They are not only able to pick the right colours that blend in with the structural style of your whole house, but can also choose colours that will blend in with your surroundings. The result is an amazing integration of colours that form part of a whole complete setting.

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