Acrylic Rendering

The Delicate Art of Acrylic Rendering

Very few rendering finishes are more unique, alluring and long lasting than the application of acrylic rendering to the exterior walls of your house. Most house owners have a fair amount of knowledge about concrete rendering but know very little about acrylic rendering. At Smarter Rendering, we are convinced you should know at least some of the basic facts about this work so you can make your choice between ordinary cement rendering and the use of the stronger acrylic rendering material.

What is involved in acrylic rendering?

There is nothing very secretive about acrylic rendering except that it involves the use of an acrylic solution which is essentially plastic in composition. The addition of acrylic makes the rendering very much stronger and more flexible that the ordinary rendering mix. The acrylic material has the ability of holding the ordinary cement rendering mix together and making it difficult to crack. There is nothing difficult about acrylic rendering as it can be trowelled, rolled and even sprayed onto the wall surface. It is normal to find two coatings of acrylic rendering material that are differently coloured.

It resists the tendency to crack

Though also strong, ordinary cement rendering will only has the bonding strength of ordinary cement which can last for a few years but then starts to feel the incessant impacts of the elements and show cracks. The addition of acrylic solution fortifies the bonding strength by doubling up with the cement to hold the rendering together in a strong bond. The reason for this is the flexible nature of the acrylic solution embedded in the ordinary cement rendered surface. You can see then that expansion and contraction of your house will have very little effect on the acrylic rendered surface of your walls.

Application needs a professional touch

Attractive appearances always invite the attention of onlookers and a surface rendered with acrylic solution does exactly that. There are many different methods of applying acrylic to your walls to get the best results and only an expert on acrylic rendering can effectively render your house using the material. Another featured advantage of acrylic rendering is that it can adhere to surfaces like painted walls, concrete, timber, fibre and cement. You will find that the traditional rendering material will not adhere to these type of materials.

Rough costs of Acrylic Rendering:

Single storey – 11.5k – 14k  Potential lift in house value – 65k+

Double storey – 15.5 – 18k    Potential lift in house value – 85k+

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Acrylic Rendering - The Revolutionizing Component

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Acrylic Rendering Costs

Rough costs of Acrylic Rendering: Single storey – 11.5k – 14k  Potential lift in house value – 65k+ Double storey – 15.5 – 18k    Potential lift in house value – 85k+ Acrylic rendering costs depend on: the amount of preparation work involved the size of the area that needs to be rendered the difficulty of the areas […]